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    Hi, my name is Scott Ferguson. I write, travel, and help others find freedom in life.

    On this site, I share my experiences of long term travel, spending a bunch of time in China, and creating a great life.

    We all are learning, experiencing, growing, & living life every day. Perhaps we can learn something together.

    Thanks for visiting. Peace.

    Scott Ferguson, Writer, Stepping Out of the Grind
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    The Important Things Are Not Things

    A few years ago, when I packed all of my belongings into a 10’ x 10 10’ storage area and prepared to depart for Beijing and a year of travelling, I was reminded of the futility of owning things. At … (Read More)

    Six Things I Did Not Miss & Two I Did While Travelling For a Year

    Long term travelling can be exciting and challenging.  One thing that is hard to predict is what you may or may not miss from your daily life back home.  Following are a few things I did NOT miss and a … (Read More)

    Experiments in Living #3: One Trip a Month for a Year!

      At the beginning of 2015 I decided to take an out of town trip every month for at least one weekend. After twelve months, I am happy to report I did it as planned—hurrah! As always, I tried to … (Read More)

    Chill Out: How I Transform My Perspective at Will

    When I’m working and feel a need to chill out for a few minutes, I play a slide show loaded with some favorite photos of flowers I’ve taken around the world. The images have an instant impact on my energy. … (Read More)

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