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List of Airlines by Terminal & Transportation Information
Beijing, China Capitol Airport (PEK), Beijing International Capitol Airport (BICA)

(Note: Accurate as of July 2014, subject to change. List is posted as a courtesy for travelers; apologies for any inconveniences caused by changes.)

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Beijing Airport has three terminal known as T1, T2, and T3. T3 is the largest and newest and you may have to ride a shuttle train within the terminal. Chinese persons also refer to the terminals as T1, T2, and T3 in English. Currency exchange is available at the terminals, however, a service fee is imposed which usually lowers your conversion by 3% or so. Away from the airport, Chinese Banks generally do not charge a service fee.


Transportation Between Terminals

To transfer between terminals, you must exit your terminal and ride a free shuttle bus between terminals. Shuttle Bus is faster than a taxi or train between T3 and T2. Do not attempt to walk between terminals.

Passengers going to T2 or T1: free shuttle bus outside Gate 5 on Floor 1 (F1) of T3. This bus takes approximately 10 minutes. You may use the “Apple” elevator to reach the first floor.

Passengers going to T3: free shuttle bus outside Gate 7 on Floor 1 (F1) of T2, or outside Gate 7 on Floor 1 (F1) of T1.


Transportation Between Airport and Central Beijing

Airport Express Train:

Cost is 25 RMB (yuan). Express Train travels from T3 to T2 to Sanyuanqiao Subway Station to Dongzhimen Subway Station, then returns in the reverse order. At Sanyuanqiao Station you may pick up Subway Line 10. Dongzhimen Subway Station lies just outside the NE edge of the 2nd Ring Road and you may pick up Subway Line 2 or Line 13; many local buses stop outside the station along Dongzhimen Outer Street and there is also a long distance bus station there. Hours of operation: Dongzhimen (06:00 – 22:30), T3 (06:20 – 22:50), T2 (06:35 – 23:10).

Taxi Cab:
Cost is approximately 90 to 120 RMB (yuan) to central Beijing. Because the ride is over 15 kilometers, the cab fare increases by an additional 50% of the total fee as an allowance for the return trip plus the rider pays for tolls.

 Beijing Buses:
Cost is 16 RMB (yuan) one-way. Eleven lines of shuttle buses travel from T3, T2, and T1 to specific points throughout Beijing.

Ticket Offices: T3 at Gate No. 7 (outside) on F1; T2 at Gate No. 9 (outside) on F1; T1 at Gate No. 7 (inside) on F1.


Interprovincial Buses

Six interprovincial buses operate between the Beijing Airport and various cities.

Ticket Offices: T3 at Gate No. 7 (outside) on F1; T2 at Gate No. 9 (outside) on F1; T1 at Gate No. 7 (inside) on F1.

Beijing – Tianjin: 82 RMB (yuan) per person (one-way)
Beijing – Tanggu: 94 RMB (yuan) per person (one-way)
Beijing – Qinhuangdao: 140 RMB (yuan) per person (one-way)
Beijing – Langfang: 40 RMB (yuan) per person (one-way)
Beijing – Baoding: 95 RMB (yuan) per person (one-way)
Beijing – Tangshan: 80 RMB (yuan) per person (one-way)



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