Do You Do the Things You Like?

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Do the things you like

One reason I am happy is because I spend plenty of time on things I enjoy. Take 30 seconds to jot down things you like and enjoy doing. For me, the list includes:

  • – exercise, cooking, travel, beaches, sports, art, languages, friends,
    – conversations, being outdoors, reading, coffee, tea, flowers, dogs


When not writing or trying to produce an income, I manage to spend most of my time on these favored activities and things. In an average week, I spend over 50 hours, maybe 70 hours, on things I like. How much time do you spend on the things you’re fond of?

Because I watch little TV, I have a lot of hours free to do things I enjoy; when I do watch TV, it will probably be a sporting event which interests me. Often multiple likes can be combined, for example, some mornings I sit outside to study Chinese while sipping coffee—a combination of three things I love to start my day! Before my dog died, I used go on dog walks which combined my like for dogs with being outdoors.

We all have a choice in how we spend our free time. Some people have more obligations than I do, but that may have to do with Setting Priorities and Simplifying, i.e. choosing only to have obligations which correspond with my list of priorities in life.

The amount of time spent on favorite activities is probably less important than making sure to enjoy at least one favorite activity every day. I know what I like to do and I choose to do it. How about you?

Do what makes you happy

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