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    Hi, my name is Scott Ferguson. I write, travel, and help others find freedom in life.

    On this site, I share my experiences of long term travel, spending a bunch of time in China, and creating a great life.

    We all are learning, experiencing, growing, & living life every day. Perhaps we can learn something together.

    Thanks for visiting. Peace.

    Scott Ferguson, Writer, Stepping Out of the Grind
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    Find your freedom. Live a great life.

    This site is for dreamers, travelers, explorers–those who believe there is more to life than living the daily grind. It’s for people who aren’t satisfied simply with a “good life”.

    Here I share my experiences of long term travel, life in China, and actions to create great life. What can I say—I’m a very happy person.

    Sure, we all have responsibilities and live within some system of constraints, but that shouldn’t exclude us from creating the lives of our dreams. After all, freedom, joy, and happiness are always available to us if we know where to access them. (Hint, hint: look in a mirror.)

    A few years back, I had a nice life in the USA—successful career, decent income, nice home, ability to travel, visit restaurants, sporting events, all that stuff. I was happy and my life was good. But a good life wasn’t the same as a great life.

    I decided to fulfill on a life dream, so I quit my job to travel for a year. The first place I went was China where I rented an apartment in Beijing and enrolled in an intensive Chinese program for four months before travelling around China, Asia, and Europe, then returning to travel in the USA by car with my dog. I’ve never looked back.

    Taking off on extended travels was, for me, a big part of breaking the grind in which I lived and of elevating my sense of freedom. I recommend it to everyone. On this site I share information related to long term travel.

    China remains a huge part of my life. Since 2008, I’ve spent a lot of time there and I am connected on a daily basis with people in China. You can read about my insights and experiences of life in that country which, in many ways, is not really so different from life in the USA.

    Creating a great life, of course, is something that never ends. If you want to live a legendary life, then elevate your quality and satisfaction of living beyond what is reasonable. Be unreasonable. Own your life. On this site I share my insights about finding joy, expanding freedom, and pursuing dreams.

    If you like what you read, stick around and explore. I wake up happy every day of my life and my hope is that you will, too.


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