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Do You Do the Things You Like?

Posted on by Scott Ferguson

Do the things you like

One reason I am happy is because I spend plenty of time on things I enjoy. Take 30 seconds to jot down things you like and enjoy doing. For me, the list includes:

  • – exercise, cooking, travel, beaches, sports, art, languages, friends,
    – conversations, being outdoors, reading, coffee, tea, flowers, dogs


When not writing or trying to produce an income, I manage to spend most of my time on these favored activities and things. In an average week, I spend over 50 hours, maybe 70 hours, on things I like. How much time do you spend on the things you’re fond of? Continue reading →

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Are You Traveling in Circles Around the Sun?

Posted on by Scott Ferguson

Questions About Life

Though every day is a gift and I don’t want to live years ahead of days, I do need to see some vision of where my life leads. And though my answer is always evolving, I need to be able to answer the question: where am I going? Continue reading →

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A Picture of Commitment

Posted on by Scott Ferguson

Santa Monica Bird

At the beach in Santa Monica, California, I watched this bird land and could only marvel at the commitment, focus, and dedication in action. I was reminded sometimes I make things too hard for myself. Do you?

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Travel For a Year: How Much Clothing to Bring

Posted on by Scott Ferguson

Travel Clothing Checklist

Traveling for a year, I didn’t bring many clothes and I liked everything I brought. With few choices of clothes, everything was a good choice and a favorite, so it made no difference what I wore. There was something liberating about not having to decide what to wear each morning. I just put something on and left for the day—freedom from decisions. I loved it.

When I departed the USA, my first destination was Beijing and I arrived in the dead of winter with big winds and frigid temperatures. By July, my travels took me to the tropics of Laos and Thailand, followed by temperate Istanbul. Continue reading →

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Beijing Airport Terminal Guide

Posted on by Scott Ferguson

List of Airlines by Terminal & Transportation Information
Beijing, China Capitol Airport (PEK), Beijing International Capitol Airport (BICA)

(Note: Accurate as of July 2014, subject to change. List is posted as a courtesy for travelers; apologies for any inconveniences caused by changes.)

Click on the list images for full size view Continue reading →

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Blue Sky Quiz

Posted on by Scott Ferguson


I love blue skies. Below are pictures of the sky in 2013 from three different cities: Atlanta, Beijing, Los Angeles.

Can you tell which sky belongs to which city? Scroll down to see the answer and more.

Atlanta Sky

Los Angeles Sky

Beijing Sky Continue reading →

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The Chengdu Optimist

Posted on by Scott Ferguson

chengdu-optimist - life in china

One day in Chengdu, Sichuan, I walked along a large street during afternoon rush hour. The sidewalk was crowded and chaotic, people bounced around everywhere as I approached an intersection teeming with more people as well as buses, cars, and trucks pointed in every direction blaring their horns and barely moving–caught in the grind of a traffic jam. Noisy, noisy, noisy. The ground was filthy and covered with the detritus of the day—cigarette butts, discarded paper, scattered nut shells, plastic bags, fruit peels, black gunk, sand, and debris from a construction project. Exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke rolled over the crowds, colliding to form a never ending cloud above the chaos.

Out of the blue, a man did something I’d never seen in China. Continue reading →

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Walt Whitman: Genius

Posted on by Scott Ferguson

Walt Whitman Genius Poet

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Gan Bei! Beer Guide

Posted on by Scott Ferguson

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What is Stinky Tofu?

Posted on by Scott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson - Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu is made by marinating firm tofu in putrid brine. The result is a noxious, foul smelling, yet delicious food—think of a stinky European cheese.

Typically, the marinated tofu is fried and soft on the inside like custard. Though the aroma suggests rotten garbage, manure, or an open sewer, the tofu flavor is delicate and free of the stink. Continue reading →

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