Bam! A Running Start in Beijing

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Bam!  A Running Start in Beijing


The frozen lake of Xi Hai awaits the author on his first morning in Beijing.   Brrrr.



The unassuming entrance to the language school near the drum tower in Beijing.



Courtyard of the language school which was converted from a traditional residence. This location is now a language school called Sinology Institute.

The Hutong School has a location across town near Sanlitun neighborhood.



Typical classroom at the language school.



Scott Ferguson soon after arriving in Beijing. He has just survived years of working in corporate America.



Warm coffee on a cold day in Beijing.



View of the coffee shop on Fang Jia Hutong in Beijing.



View outside the coffee shop on Fang Jia Hutong in Beijing on a day with a clear, cold sky.



The middle building is the convenience store on Deshengmen Nei Da Jie street in Beijing where the author purchased beer and peanuts from a store clerk jabbering in Chinese at an alarmingly high speed.



A perfect trifecta–Chinese text book, beer, and peanuts.


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