Beijing Winds

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Beijing Winds


Qing Dao and Mao at the Sleepy Inn in Beijing.



Three steamed buns filled ground pork (baozi, 包子). The condiment contains chili paste and vinegar.



Checking out the telephones at the big electronics store.



More of the big electronics store.



A partial selection of the Lenovo phones. A short time later, Scott Ferguson purchased a phone and then was swindled into a 12 month contract unbeknownst to him.



Sautéed BBQ beef loin with Sichuan pepper, chili, and fresh herbs at Private Kitchen 44 in Beijing. Each bite contained an explosion of flavors.



Even the green beans were exquisite at Private Kitchen 44 in Beijing.



“Private Kitchen 44 served one of the top five best meals of life,” says Scott Ferguson.



The author, Scott Ferguson, at a hotpot restaurant near his language school. He still appeared frozen and haggard a week after arriving in Beijing.



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